EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM | Московская международная биеннале современного искусства


The Educational Program of the Moscow Biennale consists of the cycle of public lectures on the art history. Each lecture includes the speech of the guest - a leading art historian - answers to questions, but most importantly - the dialogue with the experts.

The idea of the educational program is to show the connection between classical and modern art.

Live broadcast: on the main page of the social network VKontakte, on Yandex.Dzen, on the website, and the website of the Moscow Biennale.

The theme of the 1st season is “The history of art as a battlefield: when classical art was modern”.

The theme of the 2nd season - “A work of art or architecture, a phenomenon, an artist who had the greatest influence on modernity” - was offered by the professor I. I. Tuchkov, dean of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University, Doctor of Art Studies.